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5 Best standing desk frames under $800

Standing desks frames gives you the liberty to choose any tabletop that you want. You can even save money and use your old one. But of course, you won’t settle for anything less. So I’m here to help pick the best standing desk frames. Here are my top picks for the best standing desk frames for your 500-800 dollar budget.

UPLIFT V2 standing desk frame ($500)

The UPLIFT desk has been a crowd favorite ever since. It has been a household name that many buy for their home office.

The desk isn’t premium, nor is it cheap. It does have some nice qualities, but it isn’t really the best on this list. Allow me to list them all down.

Generous warranty

Standing next to the Imovr lander desk, Uplift offers a 7-year warranty on its base. So it’s quite a good deal and can save you on repair costs.

Anti-collision feature

I am listing this feature as the last of the positive things about the desk frame. I find it useful as it can prevent accidents if it bumps into anything. But it’s also ultra-sensitive that some users found it rather annoying. 

So here is my take. If you have children or even pets who have access to your home office, it’s a must to have this feature. Otherwise, you can opt for a desk frame that does not have this or find one that’s not that sensitive to motion. Unless you’re okay with a hypersensitive anti-collision feature, then it’s all good.

What could have been better

One, stability is not the best. I’m not a fan of the Jiecang China made base. A lot of standing desks make use of this base primarily because of its cheap price. But as they say, you get what you pay for. The stability is not the worst that I have come across. But this desk frame certainly wobbles once it reaches the highest desk setting. 

VIVO electric sit-stand desk L shape desk frame ($ 599.99)

The VIVO L-shaped desk is ideal if you need a more elaborate setup but space is an issue. Since it’s L shaped, it can sit perfectly sit in the corner. I’ll be listing features that make the VIVO desk frame stand out from other L shaped desks frames.

Sturdy and solid

The VIVO standing desk has an all-metal construction. The legs and the motor can withstand numerous transitions within its lifetimes. 

Quite transitioning

The VIVO L-shaped desk frame has a hidden drive internal multi motors. And this makes the transitioning very quiet. It’s one of the smoothest transitions in an L-shaped desk of its price range. Not to mention, it’s also quiet. 

Some gripes

These aren’t necessarily gripes, it’s just that some of the features are pretty basic such as the control panel. I do wish it had an anti-collision system this would have made the desk more favorable.

Lander electric standing desk frame ($799)

Innovation is Lander’s desk strengths. It’s for you if you’re looking for a more modernized and innovative standing desk frame. Allow me to enumerate some exciting features.

Bluetooth app connectivity

It’s equipped with an intuitive height controller. You can sync the controller to your smartphone where you can download the app for free. And instead of up and down or memory preset buttons, this desk frame boasts of a height paddle. This is a favorite feature among many.

It takes only 1-2 taps for the desk to reach your favorite height. The LED display itself is very crisp and clear. You can easily see the reading from afar. And it also looks great with the desk frame and a lovely desktop from the brand.

Built-in health coach

This desk makes it easier for you to embark on a wellness journey. The built-in health coach will remind you when you’ve been sitting for too long. It’s especially helpful if you have just made the switch since you might tend to sit for too long. 

The built-in health coach will let you know when it’s time to stand up and flex a bit more muscles. Alternatively, you can program the notifications yourself.

Robust built and durable

Lander desks by iMover can endure numerous cycles. All the parts are solid and I didn’t find anything that made the desk look less than solid. 

Ideal for tall users

The Lander desk can go as high as 50”, this is suitable for those who stand 6” to 6”4. And if you need it to go higher, the brand offers extenders. This can elevate the desk to an additional 6” more.

Generous warranty

Lander desks from iMovr are one of the few standing desks that offer a lifetime warranty, both for the moving parts and the electronics. So imagine how many savings you could get in terms of repairs. 

Though the brand prides in the frame’s durability and strength, so a repair is less likely to happen soon. And if it does you’re pretty covered.

And such a warranty also increases your confidence in a product. It means that the brand is confident enough to offer a generous service. Why? Because they know their desk frame could stand the test of time.

Common gripes

I didn’t find anything worth being called qualms. So I’ll toss in one of the common gripes of users. Most people find the price tag a bit high upfront. As for me, the upfront cost is indeed higher than most standing desks. But you’ll be saving money in the long run. With the convenience, the solid built, and the lifetime warranty, the desk will pay for itself.

MOD E PRO standing desk frame ($629)

Let’s see what made the MOD E Pro standing desk frame on this list 

Fast transitioning

The Mod E PRO’s main feature is the fast and smooth transitioning. It also transitions quietly. Most users were amazed at the engineering of this transitioning desk, me as well. 

It doesn’t make any noise when it’s lifting. And it feels like warm butter on hot toast. 

Durable and solid built

Needless to say, it’s also sturdy and durable. So you can expect no wobbling or shaking. The desk frame is made from roll stamped steel that makes it rather solid. 

Anti-collision feature

The anti-collision feature of E MOD PRO is sufficient to avoid accidents. But it’s not too hypersensitive or annoying.  

Soft start and soft stop

Instead of moving abruptly, the desk has a feature that acts as a pre-prep. The soft start and soft stop button allow the desk to start the transition slowly, this prevents your monitor from falling to the desk. Think of it as a warm-up.

And the soft stop button also prevents the same thing, it also protects the steel frame from getting damaged. Imagine running on a treadmill and abruptly pressing the stop button. That can be painful to your knees. That goes the same with the desk frames. An abrupt stop can cause damage to the legs over time. 

Progressive Automations L shaped standing desk frame ($550)

This brand is quite underrated. You won’t find much reviews on it, not even a handful. But it sure does have some great features. And I have just recently discovered this brand and it can be your standing desk in your home office.

Stable and sturdy

This is perhaps one of the pros of this corner desk. It’s a US made brand, so you can have full confidence in the workmanship of the desk. The desk frame is quite solid and it looks well built. It’s all steel.

I didn’t find any wobbliness or shaking at any point. I also love how quiet it is. It doesn’t make any noise when transitioning. It transitions rather smoothly and flawlessly.

Shipping and assembly

The shipping is satisfactory. I was able to receive the desk in 2 days. As for the assembly, it’s also quite easy to put together. Every hole is well aligned so you don’t have to fuss about it.

I was able to put the desk frame together in less than 30 minutes. Also, I was also able to receive the desk frame in good condition. Everything is packed well and there were no scratches or damage to the frame. And you’d also receive all the necessary components. It comes with a control box and remote control. 

Height and width adjustable

The desk offers a decent height adjustment range, it can be adjusted from 23.6” to 49.1” So it can accommodate those who are a bit tall, just not over 6 feet. And you can pair it up with almost any tabletop since the width of the desk frame is also adjustable, from 42” to 72”.

Safety Features

This L-shaped desk frame has both an anti collision and a soft start and stop feature. The first one prevents injuries and damage to other things that may come in its way while it’s transitioning. While the latter prevents your monitor from falling to the ground. And it also protects the integrity of the desk frame. 

Final takeaway 

These standing desk frames have amazing features that set it apart from the rest. But you’ll also find some basic ones. These features set them apart from the rest and you’ll find them pretty convenient too. 

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