best standing desk crank amazon

Best standing desk with crank on Amazon

Eclectic standing desks have been dominating the market especially in these pandemic times since almost everyone is working from home. But let’s not forget the manual counterpart- the hand-cranked desk. These desks may lack the innovation an electric standing desk has. But they can offer other functions. Let’s see them. 

S Stand up desk  ($ 449)

This hand-cranked desk from the S Stand Up store weighs a ton. Though some might not like it, I do. It only tells how studier this desk is. You can even lean on it without having to worry that it’ll break in two. It has a rock-solid built. 

The lifting mechanism is strong and fast. The S stand up desk is very easy to crank up. You can reach the standing desk height in a minute. It’s also very easy to assemble the desk. And once you do, you can swing it easily and have the crank installed to either side of the desk. 

The steel legs are also heavy, in a good way. It’s strong and solid. Everything about this desk screams heavy duty. Well, escape for the plastic wheels. I wished it was made of a different more durable material, but overall it does what it’s supposed to do. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a study and stable hand-cranked desk, this model won’t disappoint. It’s well crafted and engineered and feels very different from China made desks that are proliferating in the market right now. 


  • 56 inches wide
  • Height range 29.5” to 45.25” 
  • Overall dimensions 55.625″ W x 26″ D x 29.5″ – 45.25″ 
  • With four rolling casters
  • Desk with tweak wood finish


  • Rock steady built
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily movable


  • You need to drill holes into the control panel during setup

UNICOO standing desk ($189.99)

This UNICOO standing desk is equipped with a pull out hand crank. You can push it in when not in use so that it would not have too much space. And the pull out crank prevents your hips from bumping into the handle. Which is quite a common occurrence with hand-cranked desks. Moreover, you can place the crank on either side of the table.

The installation is pretty easy. But you have to apply a bit of pressure when connecting the two panels. If you’re not physically up for it, you can ask for help. The desk looks well made and feels solid and sturdy.  

This unit is pretty solid and stable at all heights, even at the highest desk setting. Though if you’re going to place it on a carpet, the adjustable pads on the feet compress. And this might cause instability. So it’s best placed on floors that aren’t carpeted.

And even if it has a crossbar. It won’t hit your knees even if you stand 6 feet. Some users even find the crossbar convenient as they can use it as a footrest.


  • Made of metal and wood
  • Height adjustment range 29.5″ – 45.2″
  • Steel legs with powder-coated finish
  • Desk surface 23.6” x 47.3” 
  • MDF top with laminate
  • 100 lbs weight capacity
  • Equipped with a crossbar


  • Solid and sturdy
  • Easy to adjust
  • Has adjustable feet pads
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast shipping


  • Stability might be compromised when placed on carpeted floors

SDADI 2 tier hand crank sit stand desk ($229.99)

This SDADI 2 tier hand crank up desk is the perfect solution if you need more space for your elaborate works set up. The distance between the two tiers is just the right and comfortable number, around 4.8 inches. Thus, it ensures that the monitor and the keyboard are at a perfect distance from each other. So you can be assured that there will be less or no back and shoulder pain.

It might take a little while to adjust the desk to the height that you want. But it’s very solid and stable. If you are tired of encountering glitches in the electric standing desk, this is a perfect alternative. While most affordable electric standing desk brands have stability issues when used at the highest desk setting, you won’t encounter such with this desk.

But take note that this can be pretty heavy. So either you muster up your physical prowess or ask someone for help. But aside from being heavy, it’s so easy to assemble. 

And of course, the most prominent feature of this desk is the larger workspace. The top tier can accommodate a two-monitor, one 24 inches, and one 18 inches, plus you have more room to spare. And if you’ll add the main desk area, it’s a playground for your pens and paper.


  • 2 tier
  • 250 lbs weight capacity
  • Height adjustment range 28.7″ – 46.3″ 
  • The height difference between the two tiers is 4.8 inches


  • Solid and heavy duty
  • Stable at all heights
  • Larger working area


  • Takes time to crank it up

DEVAISE standing desk crank

The DEVAISE hand-cranked desk is very sturdy and supportive. It has a weight capacity of 100 lbs but it feels like it can accommodate more. The legs are made of durable alloy aluminum, so this can be a heavy-duty standing desk

The hand crank handle is very easy to manipulate. It doesn’t feel like an arm workout but it can be a bit noisy but not to the point of being scandalous. 

The DEVAISE standing desk is equipped with adjustable feet pads so that it’s easier to move. But if you want to outfit it with wheels, you can do so. The diameter of the wheel screw is about 8 mm. 

I also love how neatly it was packed. It has a comprehensive secured shipping box, not the usual that you’d receive other desks in. Aside from cardboard, it’s also wrapped around with a foam.


  •  55-inch desk
  • The height adjustment range of 29” to 25”
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Equipped with a crossbar
  • 100 lbs weight capacity


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Solid and robust built
  • Has adjustable feet
  • Great packaging


  • May wobble a bit at the highest setting

Stand steady Tranzendesk (399.99)

Among other hand-cranked standing desks in the market, the Tranzendesk from Stand Steady is perhaps the easiest and smoothest to operate. And many users buy this product for that specific reason. But it also has more to offer.

And if you need a larger working area, you have an option to outfit it with a clamp-on second tier. The desk is pretty large and spacious as it is. But it’s always nice to have more options to have an extra workspace. 

It also has a decent range of height settings. And even tall users who stand 6’4” will be able to use the desk. Also, this desk looks sleek but it can be pretty solid. 

The desk surface is large, but it easily catches dirt and fingerprints. Though it’s fairly easy to clean too. So you just have to clean as you go so that the marks won’t stain.

Overall, it’s a great desk if you’re looking for something big and stable but doesn’t look bulky. But though the height adjustment range can accommodate taller users, it can be a bit wobbly when used at the highest desk setting. So you want to look for another hand-cranked desk if you’re tall


  • Height range 27.5- 46”
  • Comes with a clamp-on shelf
  • Desk width is 55 inches


  • Solid and sturdy
  • Large working area
  • Optional clamp on desk
  • Looks sleek
  • Fast shipping


  • Can wobble a bit at the highest setting.


Hand-cranked desks may be inferior when it comes to electronics and motor. But they sure are dependable. They won’t bail out on you in case of a blackout. And you never have to worry about glitches.