Furmax office chair

Should I buy a Furmax office mesh chair with an armrest?

There is something about mesh office chairs. Apart from a breathable material, it renders a more modern and sleek look. There are a plethora of office mesh chairs available in the market such as the mesh chair from Furmax. Before you add it to the cart, let’s see if this is something that you’d want to buy for your home office.

We will review two mesh office chairs from the brand, the mid-back chair and the one with the flip-up arms.

Furmax office Mid Back mesh chair

The most prominent feature of the mid-back chair from Furmax is its wing back design. But what really caught our eye is the very affordable price tag of under 40 dollars. We have come across some gaming and office chairs that have prices that are too good to be true. That’s why we had to try the chair out for ourselves to see if it’s useful.

Unique wingback design or lumbar support

Our question initially is, is the lumbar support as good as the product claims it to be?  

The lumbar support of the chair is quite good, but it’s rather low. It’s pronounced at 3 to 5 inches above the seat. And that makes the lumbar support of the char more suitable for smaller users. Unless you have a super arched back, then you’ll also find it comfortable. 

A mesh chair built for smaller users

As we have mentioned above, this mesh back chair is most fitting for petite users. Even all the elements and features of the chair point in that direction.

The chair is advertised to hold someone who weighs more than 200 lbs. So that perhaps refers to someone of average size. But the entire components of the chair point to otherwise. The seat of the chair is quite small and narrow. Big manspreaders will feel too cramped on the chair.

And it actually looks smaller than it was advertised. So do not believe it when someone claims that it ‘is comfortable for average-sized to tall users because it’s not. And this isn’t because of the durability of the chair, but more of its size. 

Average sized and larger users who weigh more or near 20 lbs will look like an adult sitting in a child’s chair. 

Very sleek mesh chair

The small footprint of the chair is rather convenient. It’s easy to pop it under your desk and the desk will not get in the way. That is why this small office chair is quite ideal for small home offices. Other features

Let’s make a quick rundown of what you can expect from this mid back mesh. One, like other Furmax office chairs, it’s easy to assemble

Two, the caster wheels and the seat height adjustment range of this model is okay. Though it’s not something that’s impressive, it’s sufficient. 

Is it comfortable?

The seat and the cushion are padded, but it’s not too thick. And you increase the recline tension if you are small. If you favor a firm seat, then this will be comfortable for you. So overall, the comfort for small users will depend on what type of support you want. It’s quite common for mesh chairs to offer firm support rather than a cushiony plush one.

The wingback design can provide decent lumbar support. Though we find these components okay, the armrests are left to be desired.

The armrest feels like a flimsy hard plastic material. They are thin and not padded. It’s not adjustable either. And there were instances where the arms felt loose, probably from not tightening the connections enough. And some users complained about the armrests falling off the chair after a while.

So we’d rather use this chair without the arms. You do have the option to not connect it anyway. After all, you won’t find much use for it and your elbows will also thank you. After 20 minutes or 30, your elbows might get sore from the trough plastic material. And the position at which the arms are connected isn’t comfortable even for a small person.

Overall, the seat and the mesh backrest of this chair can serve petite users who are looking for more firm support and seat. However, we recommend not connecting the armrest. The arms are really uncomfortable `

This chair is very similar to the AmazonBasics mid back mesh chair. It’s also a mid mesh chair that’s more suitable for smaller people. And many users also often complained of the flimsy arms. 

We also experienced a weird tilt.  The chair seemed to be leaning a bit forward. So we had to unscrew the chair and retighten all connections. Though the assembly is easy, you have to make sure everything is evenly tightened to avoid such inconvenience. 

If you must get a chair with more comfortable armrests, the Alera mid back mesh chair offers a more comfortable armrest. Though it does not have the most comfortable arms for short users, it can provide better support than the Furmax model that we have reviewed above. And it’s the one closest to the price range, materials, and overall look of the Furmax mid back mesh chair. 

Furmax office Mesh chair with flip arms

‘This mesh chair with flip-up arms is perhaps a more upgraded version of the mid mesh back chair that we have reviewed above. It may cost double the mid back mesh chair, but that’s for several upgrades.  

And these are what you can expect from this chair.

Is it comfortable?

The seat of the chair is sufficiently padded, it has qu8te a thick cushioned seat. So it can appeal to more users compared to a very firm seat. But like all mesh chairs with plastic structure at the back, it will provide quite a firm support for the back. Though it has a slight S shape and can provide nice lumbar support, the overall back support is gearing towards the former one. So in terms of comfort, you’ll find it sufficient if you’re after more firm back support.

Backrest and seat

This mesh chair is rated to hold 260 lbs. And we can say that unlike the mid-back chair, this model is more properly and correctly advertised. One of our team members weighs 250 lbs, he’s a little bit hefty but not too large around the waist. And he did find the chair quite comfortable. There were no squeaks and it doesn’t feel too cramped. So it’s safe to say that the weight capacity the brand is claiming is true. 

Therefore, this can appeal to more users, even those who are borderline heavy.

Well-cushioned flip up  arms

We’re happy with the hefty padding of the arms this chair has. It feels more comfortable on your elbows. It’s a flip-up arm, you have an option to pull it up and enjoy the chair without an armrest.

Though there are some limitations with flip-up arms. You won’t be able to change the angle nor the height of the arms. You’ll find the arms comfortable if you fit perfectly into it. Since you cannot do anything to adjust the arms, you have to really fit into it. 

Some users either find the arms too low or too high. Pulling it up to get it out of the way is one option. But if you’re working for longer hours, you need an office chair with armrests that are properly aligned to the measurements of your body.

For the back support and cushion, this mesh chair is comfortable. Unless you want a more cushioned back, then you’ll find this too firm. The durability of the product is decent and can last for quite some time. The thick cushion is pillowy soft.

But the arms are not adjustable. Though it’s sufficiently cushioned, the height cannot be adjusted to meet the needs of all. All components of the chair are comfortable for a wide scope of users, except for the arms. Thus, you’ll find this model suitable if you fit into it.

It’s quite similar to a Mbada office chair. But there’s nothing you can do to adjust the height of the arms nor pivot it in and out. One advantage of the Furmax however, is that the arms have a thick cushion. 

A great alternative to this office chair is the Eurotech i00. This mesh chair also has an all-mesh back and a properly cushioned seat. The arms are fully adjustable, though it’s not padded like the Furmax with flip-up arms. Plus it offers more adjustable features than the Furmax such as the adjustable seat depth among others. 


So should you buy a Furmax chair with armrests? We’ll bluntly say no. Though the chairs can offer some convenient features at an affordable price, it comes with a cost. Both models also seem to have very basic adjustable features. So both models will function as basic office chairs.

And both models seem to be inferior in terms of the armrest, especially the mid-back chair. Should you fit into the flip-up arms well, it will be worth your money. But if not, it’ll be otherwise. 

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