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Haworth Fern vs Embody from Herman Miller – which is the best office chair for long hours?

If you are looking for an ergonomic chair that will allow you to sit comfortably for long periods of time, then you may be wondering if the Haworth Fern or the Embody from Herman Miller is the better option. Both of these chairs have flexible backrests that conform to your body, but in General comfort, Armrests, Tilt Mechanism and so much more, there are quite a few differences. So, which one of these chairs is the best option for you?

General Comfort

With Embody, you need time to learn how to set your backrests and the flexible” design will take some time to get used to. The general consensus is that it takes a few days, or even weeks, to adjust to the Embody chair. On the other hand, the Haworth Fern chair is much easier to adjust to and you will feel comfortable in it almost immediately. Additionally, the Fern chair has a softer seat than the Embody, so it may be more comfortable for people who have sensitive hips or suffer from lower back pain.

How about the backrests of Fern? People will compare it with a hammock because it is so soft and comfortable. It will give you good support and it is very adjustable so that you can get the perfect angle for your backrest. The Embody chair has a hard plastic backrest that some people find too stiff. Additionally, the backrest on the Embody does not adjust as much as the Fern, so you may not be able to find the perfect position for your needs.

About the dimension, the seat of both chairs are so great, but the Embody is a bit larger which make it more comfortable for people who are taller or have a bigger body type. The Haworth Fern, on the other hand, maybe too small for some people and they may find that their legs dangle when they sit in the chair.

For long hours of sitting, like 8-12 hours every day, the Haworth Fern is a better chair because it is more comfortable and you will not have to worry about your legs dangling.

Fern chair by Haworth



One of the biggest differences between these two chairs is the armrests. The Fern chair has adjustable armrests that you can set at different heights, angles, and depths. This allows you to customize your arm position and find the perfect setting for your needs.

However, some find Embody is a nightmare with the armrests, especially with the width adjustment mechanism is totally clunky, hard to use, and sometimes even gets in the way. The other problem is that Embody’s arm pads are too small for some people’s liking.

Tilt Mechanism

The Embody is a rigid and supportive chair with an excellent tilt mechanism, but it takes time to adjust.

The Fern chair has a 4-position tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust the backrest angle and lock it into place. This is great if you need to sit upright for long periods of time or if you want to take a quick nap in your chair. The Embody chair also has a 4-position tilt mechanism, but it does not lock into place. This means that you may find yourself readjusting your backrest every once in a while, which can be annoying.

The Herman Miller Embody and Haworth Fern are both high-end office chairs that offer a plethora of features and benefits. However, when it comes to comparing the build quality and dimensions, as well as the materials used, there are some stark differences.

Herman Miller Embody chair

Herman Miller Embody chair

Build quality

The build quality of the Herman Miller Embody is notably superior to that of the Haworth Fern. The frame on the Embody is made from a single piece of molded plastic, while the Fern has a number of weaker joints that could easily break with regular use. Additionally, the Embody features a much wider seat than the Fern, making it much more comfortable for larger users. Finally, the materials used in the construction of both chairs differ markedly. The Embody is made from breathable mesh and high-quality plastic, while the Fern is made mostly from cheap plastic and fabric.


The Herman Miller Embody is a large chair, measuring 29.5 inches wide, 28.5 inches deep, and 42.5-45.5 inches tall. The Haworth Fern, on the other hand, is a smaller chair, measuring 26.5 inches wide, 25.5 inches deep, and 37-39.5 inches tall. This makes the Embody a better choice for larger users, as it offers more room to move and stretch out.


The Herman Miller Embody is made from high-quality mesh and plastic, while the Haworth Fern is made mostly from cheap plastic and fabric. This makes the Embody a much more durable and comfortable chair in the long run. Additionally, the mesh used in the construction of the Embody is much more breathable than the fabric used in the Fern, making it a better choice for users who tend to sweat while sitting.

Haworth Fern chair

Prices, warranty, customer services and so much more to compare

When it comes to the price, the Herman Miller Embody is significantly more expensive than the Haworth Fern. The Embody costs around $1,500-1700, while the Fern can be had for as little as $1200-1399. However, the Embody comes with a 12-year warranty, while the Fern only has a 10-year warranty. Additionally, Herman Miller offers excellent customer service and support, while Haworth does not. The weight capacity of 355 lbs from Embody is a plus point, better than Fern with only 300-325 lbs. But it’s not a problem with a nomal guys

In conclusion, the Herman Miller Embody is the better chair for larger users who need a durable, comfortable, and breathable chair. Additionally, the Embody comes with a longer warranty and better customer support. However, the Fern is a good choice for smaller users who are looking for a cheaper option.

When compared side-by-side, it is clear that the Haworth Fern is the better chair overall. It has a higher build quality, a more comfortable seat, and uses better materials

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